2013 Showreel

A selection of works from 2012/13. Everything in this video I created myself - including the music - using the following software.

Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Logic Pro
Adobe Premiere
Digicel Flipbook


Livestrong - A Little Bit Better


Season Highlights from the animated series 'A Little Bit Better' from Melbourne animation studio Dirty Puppet. In which I contributed as an animator.

Presented by nationally recognized nutrition expert and published author Keri Glassman, the 'A Little Bit Better' series offers simple tips that can really add up to affect your life in big ways. The 100 episode series spans all sorts of healthy topics and debates including sleeping habits, organic produce, dieting & exercise, sex life, caffeine & alcohol consumption, stress relief and much more.

Animation Director: Cameron Gough
Artwork: Annika Fleur
Presenter: Keri Glassman
Series Development: Cameron Gough
Animation: Cameron Gough, Jon Asquith & Shane Smith
Compositing: Cameron Gough

Client: Livestrong Woman
Production Company: Demand Media
Producers: Ryan Vaughn & Charley Daniels



An animated anniversary card I created for my partner.

 Software used:
After Effects
Logic Pro 


"Frustration" - LoopdeLoop entry

My entry for the August 2013 LoopdeLoop, themed "Frustration".

Software used:
After Effects.
Logic Pro.