I love creating things, there's nothing quite like forming something out of nothing.

I studied at Deakin University, completeing a Bachelor of Contemporary Art - Media Art, majoring in Film and Animation. Since then I have worked as a DVD Author/Menu Designer, Video Editor, Animator and AV Tester at some great production companies across Melbourne. Throughout this experience I've come to have a strong passion for Animation and Music specifically, both of which I continue to enjoy in my professional and personal life.

Throughout my time I've gathered a lot of experience with the Adobe Creative Suite, specifically After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Encore and Illustrator.  For music production I use Logic Pro almost exclusively.  In terms of other software, I'm also skilled in Final Cut Pro, Digicel Flipbook and Maya.

Animation offers such a huge level of variety in your work, and can aid in something very personal - like a character in an animated short - or help to add that final touch for a company video.  I enjoy working on all types, though specifically I like to focus on 2D based character animation and motion graphics. 

My approach to music is similar. A solo piano piece or a sweeping synth score both hold their own artistic merit and I enjoy the challenges of creating the right emotion and feel when writing music.

I currently live in Hawthorn , Melbourne, with my partner Sophie and our cat - Cynthia.